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Article: THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam K-Beauty Ritual for Supercharged Skin


THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam K-Beauty Ritual for Supercharged Skin

What if we could harness the power of Korean traditional ginseng, herbs and plants to turn back the clock on skin aging? Brought to you by THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam skincare collection that is about to change the way you view anti-aging products.

As the skin loses elasticity and vitality as a result of external stress, pollutants from the environment and during the natural process of aging, it starts to show unwanted signs such as fine lines, wrinkles dark spots and so on. Well, you know you don’t always have to look your age right? Starting your anti-aging skincare at an early age in your 20s or so will also make a huge difference later on, and you will definitely thank yourself for all the effort you have put in. While aging is inevitable, there is always a way to prevent it from occurring prematurely, and who says you cannot age beautifully? THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam collection is the perfect place to start your anti-aging skincare, regardless of whether you are trying to slow down the process, maintain your skin’s health or nourish and restore your skin’s vitality, there’s always a great Yehwadam product for you. All Yehwadam products contain Korean ginseng with varying concentrations to restore the skin’s vitality, elasticity and firmness.

We often hear our customers tell us that Yehwadam products have very similar names. To make it easy for you to remember the Yehwadam product lines, you will notice that each line has a distinct color to help you differentiate between each one. Without further ado, let’s explore THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam collection to elevate your skincare routine!


Yehwadam Revitalizing

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Revitalizing BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

Need something a little bit more moisturizing but not too heavy? Look for the bright pink Yehwadam that reminds you of the colorful flowers of spring! THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Revitalizing is here with the perfect balance of moisture to take your early anti-aging routine to the next level.  Made with Korean ginseng, safflower extract and goji berries to preserve your skin’s youthful complexion, prevent premature aging and keeps the skin well moisturized. It nourishes the skin by strengthening skin barrier to protect against oxidative stress, formation of fine lines, as well as improving skin texture for a smoother, glowing complexion.

Perfect for those with early mature skin looking to nourish, moisturize and improve skin resilience for early prevention of aging signs, without being too heavy or oily on the skin.


Yehwadam Pure Brightening

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Pure Brightening BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

See the row of pure, white, humble skincare products sitting there? Reveal your skin’s glow and shine with THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Pure Brightening line. Infused with Korean white ginseng, niacinamide and 7 brightening traditional herbs, this anti-aging skincare line helps diminish dark spots, pigmentation marks and help even out skin tone. It has a soft texture that penetrates and absorbs into the skin quickly without greasiness, making it great to use underneath makeup. The light, refreshing scent of flowers also adds a nice touch to your skincare routine.

Yehwadam pure brightening line is suitable for those looking for brightening and whitening care, along with anti-aging effects. The texture of this line is slightly more dense compared to Revitalizing Moisturizing and Revitalizing, making it ideal even for those in the mid-mature age group.


Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

You know your skin is in for a treat with this premium ingredient – Heaven Grade Ginseng, which is considered the top 1% of Korean red ginseng. THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating line is also infused with pine mushrooms, peony and canola to improve skin elasticity, firm and deeply moisturize the skin for a rejuvenated complexion. It delivers nutrients deep into the skin to help improve the appearance of wrinkles and cares for dehydrated, sagging skin which makes it ideal for mid-mature and dry skin. This premium skincare line stimulates collagen production and skin cell regeneration to achieve smoother, firmer and even skin texture.

Thanks to its long lasting moisturizing effects, you can use this skincare line in your daytime routine for all-day moisturized skin, or as part of your night time routine to repair and moisturize your skin while you take your beauty sleep.


Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

Radiant as the Sun, that’s what THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance is here for! With its beautiful, elegant golden packaging, it’s hard to miss this skincare line. Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance is formulated with Korean ginseng root, white willow, sea buckthorn and niacinamide to provide your skin with wrinkle care and brightening care. Together, the ingredients in it help firm, contour and balance your skin while helping to bring back your skin’s healthy and radiant glow. It has a deeply moisturizing and rich texture that penetrates deep into the skin layers to quickly replenish moisture, nourish and improve skin tone by reducing the appearance of pigmentation spots.

With a richly nourishing and adhesive texture that creates a moisture barrier when applied, we recommend this line for those with mature skin types looking to restore bright, radiant and smooth complexion.


Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

Recognized by its distinct, luxe purple packaging, you can associate this Yehwadam line with royalty and grandeur. THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating is a premium-grade, nourishing line formulated with high concentrations of Korean Wild Ginseng, white truffle, deer antler and medicinal herbs. It has a deeply moisturizing and nutrient-dense texture that wraps around and adheres to the skin well for effective delivery of nutrients. Yet, it is fast absorbing and does not leave sticky residue. With traditional herbs as the main ingredients, Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Ultimate Rejuvenating has an earthy, refreshing scent from ginseng and flowers, which subside once the product is applied on the skin.

This line is highly recommended for those with dry, mature skin that needs extra nourishment to lift, firm and restore the skin’s natural, healthy, youthful glow.


Yehwadam Myeonghan Miindo Ultimate

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Myeonghan Miindo Ultimate | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

Last but not least, THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Myeonghan Miindo Ultimate, a luxurious anti-aging skincare line that you can call ‘a masterpiece of nature’. Using the powerful, skin-loving benefits of Korean ginseng and traditional medicinal herbs, Yehwadam Myeonghan Miindo delivers deep moisture and contains high levels of antioxidants and nutrients to restore your skin’s youthful glow, improve skin elasticity and firmness while improving skin texture by diminishing dark spots and even out skin tone. Its rich, moisturizing formula leaves the skin moisturized and soft for long durations and it leaves a dewy finish with subtle herbal, floral scent that subsides quickly.

Myeonghan Miindo can be used at any time of the day, and is highly recommended for those with dry, mature skin looking for highly nourishing products that deliver deep moisture to slow down the skin’s aging process and preserving its suppleness, radiance and health.


While results may vary from person to person, we suggest using the entire product line for effective results. See and feel the difference for yourself as THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam helps your skin go back in time with its amazing restoration and nourishing abilities. Now that you have a better idea of each Yehwadam line, it’s time to give them a try! Tell us what you think by leaving us with a comment or review of the Yehwadam products you have tried becausewe are excited to hear your reviews!



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