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Article: I’M FROM Rice Cream Review

I’M FROM Rice Cream Review

By now you would have heard of the all time favourite Korean toner – I’M FROM Rice Toner, along with its ‘siblings’, I’M FROM Rice Serum and I’M FROM Rice Mask. Now to complete your rice Korean skincare routines, meet I’M FROM Rice Cream! Our BONIIK team is here to give you the long awaited I’M FROM Rice Cream review, one of our best selling brightening cream and best night cream for skin whitening.

Main Ingredients

I'M FROM Rice Cream Review | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Like the rest of I’M FROM Rice skincare line, I’M FROM Rice Cream is formulated with rice bran water from Yeoju, Korea where the finest and top quality rice is grown. Being a skincare ingredient that has been used for centuries, rice is best known for its powerful yet gentle brightening properties to help improve overall complexion, maintain moisture balance and help illuminate your complexion. By delivering the nutrients your skin needs, this anti wrinkle cream is perfect if you are just starting your anti aging skincare routine.

Along with rice bran extract, ceramides and other vitamins are added into this Korean facial moisturiser to deliver a hefty dose of antioxidants and moisture to your skin, enhance skin barrier and leave your skin supple, smooth to the touch.


I'M FROM Rice Cream Review | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

This vegan-friendly, clean Korean beauty moisturiser has a smooth, creamy texture that is similar to stiff peaks. Our BONIIK team loved how well this moisturiser sits on the skin underneath makeup, because unlike other moisturisers that leave ‘streaky’ finish when makeup is applied, this rice face cream provides an excellent base to ensure that your makeup application is flawless. We also found that its fast absorbing texture and glowing skin finish helped our makeup stay on for longer durations without the need to constantly rehydrate it.

If you are someone who does not like the idea of perfumes and fragrances in skincare, this Korean brightening cream is one to add to your beauty routine!

How to Incorporate into Your Routine

I'M FROM Rice Cream Review | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

How do you use rice cream? After applying your skincare products like toner, essence or serum, dispense an adequate amount of this rice face cream and lightly tap to promote absorption. For best results, use this brightening cream together with the rest of I’M FROM Rice skincare line to boost its anti wrinkle cream benefits.

Being a gentle humectant. this Korean rice cream can be easily combined or used together with other skincare products such as Vitamin C serums, or different Korean skincare ingredients like propolis, Cica, snail mucin and so on.


I'M FROM Rice Cream Review | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

What does the I’M FROM Rice Cream do? It provides your skin with a multitude of benefits from brightening, moisturising, protecting and repairing to give your skin radiant, healthy-looking complexion even without using makeup. The minerals and vitamins in it help effectively maintain optimal moisture balance of the skin.

How good is rice cream for the skin? Our answer is, it is definitely a must have! Not only does it deliver brightening properties to restore your skin’s radiant glow naturally, it will brighten the skin effortlessly and gives you that boost of confidence to go out without any makeup on. Our team at BONIIK enjoyed the texture of this product and how well it sits underneath makeup to give it s smooth, longer lasting finish without oxidizing or cracking. I’M FROM Rice Cream is excellent for those with normal or dry skin that needs adequate moisture to get through the day; nonetheless, those with combination skin can use this during the colder or dryer months to retain moisture and enhance skin barrier.


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