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BENTON Official Retailer In Australia

Benton is a healthy, skin-friendly and natural skincare brand established in 2011. Its brand name was inspired by the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, in which the main character becomes younger with time and has to leave the love of his life. As such, Benton’s mission is to cater to its customers’ desire to look and feel younger by delivering effective skincare products that work by restoring the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and glow effortlessly. Benton Australia’s commitment to not add any harmful ingredients has made it a well-loved Korean beauty brand.

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Sold outSave 30%BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in AustraliaBENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia
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Benton is one of Australia’s leading Korean skincare and clean beauty lines made with natural ingredients.

Benton offer a large collection of cruelty-free, aloe-based products, for every skin type. You can shop by skin type (dry, combination, or oily skin) or your favourite products: from cult classics like their Aloe BHA skin toner to eye cream and iconic sheet masks, we’re confident Benton has something for everyone.

On top of that, Benton strives to be an environmentally conscious company from Korea by using recyclable, sustainable packaging made from biodegradable sugarcane plants. Since its establishment, Benton has now become available in more than 40 countries including Australia and is an especially leading K-beauty brand for daily use in the European market.

Popular Benton Products

Benton Australia primarily uses natural, dermatologically-tested ingredients at the core of its products. The popular Benton Aloe line is made with aloe vera leaf extract, combined with naturally-derived BHA from willow bark for sebum control, as well as bee propolis for cleansing and to enhance skin barrier and improve cell regeneration for a smooth skin tone.

A best selling range, the Benton Snail Bee is a repairing and hydrating line made with snail mucin and bee propolis. Together, these ingredients help improve the appearance of acne scars, blemishes and uneven skin texture, by keeping the skin well hydrated and smooth.

By strengthening the skin barrier and giving it a revitalized finish, the Benton skincare Beeline is a popular option for those with troubled skin types, including acne prone skin. However, that's not to say that the products aren't suitable to every skin type. Benton offer a number of cream products, serums, sheet mask products, cleanser options and anti aging treatment products, within their extensive range too!

Shop Benton with BONIIK

Being a skin-friendly brand that only uses essential ingredients without the addition of harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or perfumes, Benton is a great option for those looking for a healthy, natural cosmetic brand. Whether you're looking for a cream, cleanser, anti aging product, or toner, Benton is the brand for you. Shop Benton skincare Australia at BONIIK - the best Korean beauty, skin and makeup store in Australia! You can shop by your skin type, or you can browse through the collections of internationally-loved brands like Benton.